Sculpt Your Dream Figure With a BBL in NJ

We are generally limited to the natural shape of our backside, whether it's curvy, straight, flat, or round. Diet and exercise can do a little to change its shape, but not always in the ways we want. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in New Jersey with Dr. Aydin can transform a flat, shapeless bottom into a rounder, curvier version. 

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What Is a BBL?

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses fat transfer techniques to enhance and augment the buttocks, making it a preferred alternative to buttock implants. This method involves harvesting fat from other areas of your body, typically the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs, through liposuction. The extracted fat is then purified and reinjected strategically into various points around the buttocks to create a more appealing contour and increase volume. The popularity of the BBL has surged because it offers dual benefits: it slims down areas with excess fat while simultaneously enhancing the buttocks for a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Dr. Aydin combines an artistic eye with surgical precision to offer a safe BBL that sculpts your desired shape.

Are You a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The ideal candidate for a BBL in NJ with Dr. Aydin is looking to enhance their natural curves and add volume and roundness to a flat or small butt. A butt lift can add size, giving the patient a more prominent butt. You should also meet the following criteria:

  • You are in generally good health and at your ideal body weight.
  • Despite trying diet and exercise, you have been unable to achieve a fuller, more shapely figure.
  • Genetics, weight fluctuations, or aging may have caused you to lose shape and fullness.
  • You have sufficient excess fat in areas like your hips, thighs, abdomen, or lower back for fat grafting. If you lack excess fat, you may need to gain weight with Dr. Aydin’s guidance.
  • You have not experienced any complications or infections from previous surgeries.
  • Your skin is healthy, without any signs of necrosis.
  • You are prepared to abstain from drinking and smoking for the duration recommended by Dr. Aydin to minimize surgical and post-operative complications.
  • You are committed to wearing compression garments during the recovery phase and attending follow-up appointments and lymphatic drainage sessions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Aydin?

Selecting the best surgeon for a Brazilian butt lift is an important decision. It’s natural to be concerned about risks like asymmetry, infection, or not achieving the desired outcome, but finding a skilled surgeon can increase your confidence in achieving beautiful results. 

Known in the area as the “BBL King,” Dr. N. Bill Aydin, a double-board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with nearly two decades of experience, stands out as a top choice for patients seeking a Brazilian butt lift in New Jersey. Accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Aydin is adept at both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, using the most advanced techniques to ensure results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also natural-looking.

If you feel apprehensive about any part of the procedure, Dr. Aydin addresses his patients’ fears with a commitment to comprehensive care and direct communication. His availability extends to house calls and personal interactions via cell phone, ensuring that patients feel supported at every step. Recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for over half a decade, Dr. Aydin’s dedication to employing the latest technologies and maintaining the highest surgical standards makes him an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their figure safely and effectively with a BBL.

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What to Expect During the Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-step procedure. Dr. Aydin first harvests the patient’s own fat using liposuction. This helps to contour areas surrounding the buttocks. The most popular areas for harvesting fat are the lower back, waist, flanks (love handles), thighs, and stomach. The harvested fat (up to three times the amount to be re-injected will usually be taken) is then purified to separate the fat cells from other cells, blood, and other liquid.

The second step involves re-injecting this fat into the buttocks. Dr. Aydin does this through hundreds of tiny injections at varying depths. This ensures an even, natural-looking augmentation. In a Brazilian butt lift, special attention is given to the upper buttocks because this presents a lifted, younger-looking profile.

I am SO happy with the work Dr. Aydin did on my lipo of the stomach and BBL! Dr. Aydin is one of the sweetest doctors and truly cares about his patients. After surgery, he contacted my family many times to ask how I was doing. Knowing that your surgeon cares that much about you really helps in the long run. Not only is Dr. Aydin amazing, but his staff is amazing as well!!

—Nancy Z.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery in NJ

As you would expect, Dr. Aydin advises patients to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on their back for 2-3 weeks following the procedure. Patients can usually return to work after two weeks and can resume normal activities in one month. Following a Brazilian butt lift procedure, Dr. Aydin provides comprehensive post-operative care instructions to ensure optimal healing and results. As expected, he strongly advises against sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on the back for 2-3 weeks after surgery to prevent any damage to the newly transferred fat cells and to facilitate proper shaping of the area.

This careful approach helps maintain the integrity of the procedure’s results. Patients are typically able to return to work within two weeks, provided their job does not require prolonged sitting or strenuous activities. Normal activities, including more vigorous exercise, can generally be resumed about a month post-procedure once the area has sufficiently healed and settled. Dr. Aydin emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines closely to ensure the best possible outcome and to minimize any complications from the surgery.

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Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

How long is the procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure takes 3-4 hours.

When will I see the results?

Your results are immediate, but they keep improving with time because it takes a little while for the fat “to take.” In fact, your final results may take a full year to show themselves. Over time, some of the initial volume will diminish—patients retain 60-80% of the transferred fat as the body absorbs the rest.

What is the recovery time?

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift takes around 3-4 weeks.

What is the price of a BBL in New Jersey?

The starting price for a BBL with Dr. Aydin starts at $10,000. We also offer payment plans and financing options to make paying for your procedure as easy as possible.

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Delivering Quality Results Why You’ll Love the Aydin Center

  • Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
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  • State-of-the-Art Technology

Ready to See the Curves You’ve Always Wanted?

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