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Breast Lift with Augmentation

Breast Lift with Augmentation

As we age, the skin on the breasts loses some of its elasticity. This makes the breasts appear flatter. Plus the ligaments that hold the breast to the pectoral muscle beneath become stretched and weaker.

A breast lift with Dr. Aydin can be the answer to breasts that have sagged, flattened, and simply aged. But, while a breast lift will bring the breasts up to a higher location on the chest, a breast lift can’t return projection or fullness to the breasts, especially the upper portion. To illustrate this point, many women say they liked their breasts better during pregnancy than post-pregnancy. A lift alone can’t deliver that fullness.

In these cases, a breast lift with augmentation is the answer.

Common Questions

Is a Breast Lift with Augmentation Right For Me?

The goal of a breast lift (see the full description on the Breast Lift section of this site) is to bring the breasts back up to a higher. This can create a younger profile. By trimming excess skin and repositioning tissue, Dr. Aydin can achieve that higher profile. But the procedure doesn’t address volume, and some people feel that a breast lift without augmentation can leave the breasts looking somewhat smaller, perkier but smaller.

If you have any or all of these following concerns, then a lift with augmentation could be a great procedure:

  • Your breasts seem to lack fullness, particularly the top portion.
  • Your breasts are sagging or hanging.
  • Your breasts lack shape.
  • Your breasts lack volume.
  • You have stretch marks on your breasts.
  • Your breasts are no longer symmetrical.

In this case, you don’t simply need to bring the breasts back up, you seek to return the volume and roundness of younger days or even add volume that was never there. Basically, the problem of loose skin is being covered with the breast lift, while the problem of lost volume or fullness is being covered with the augmentation.

What is the procedure?

In a breast lift with augmentation, Dr. Aydin first places the implant, usually beneath the pectoral muscle. Then he performs the breast lift. By combining the procedures into one, the feeling is that the shape of the breast mound has a better end result when the lift is done after the implant is placed. Also, when the procedures are combined, it often leads to less skin needing to be removed, which reduces scarring.

Of course, just as in a breast augmentation, you’ll have a number of decisions to make: implant type, incision location, implant size, and profile. You’ll work through these with Dr. Aydin during your consultations.

Recovery and Results?

Your recovery will be along the lines of a breast lift, due the increased incisions made when compared to a straight augmentation procedure. You will progress from bandages to a surgical support bra, and then on to a softer support bra that will be worn 24 hours-a-day for one month from your surgery. You can likely return to work one week after surgery, but you’ll need to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for six weeks, due to the incisions made for your lift.

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First off, I cannot RAVE enough!
Booked a consult with Dr. Aydin after looking at many, many plastic surgeons in my area. It was the only consult I needed. His office is bright and welcoming and beautiful. The staff are all beyond friendly and courteous. I did have to wait a few weeks before they could fit me in, but in the end, it was totally worth it.
The consult itself: first I met with the coordinator Cinzia who is amazing. She is very easy to talk to, listened to what I wanted and was extremely knowledgeable. She explained the whole process and answered a million questions. Once she knew what I wanted, she relayed the info to Dr Aydin and I met with him. He's very professional, somewhat soft spoken, but also easy to talk, he patiently explained what would work with my body, what wouldn't and why. I felt so comfortable and confident that they would take care of me and give me the boobs I was looking for while ensuring that my risk of complications would be as low as possible. At no point did I feel that anyone in the office was trying to talk me out of what I wanted and into something they felt was better/easier/etc.
I am 5 days post-op, 505cc, highly cohesive silicone, over the muscle implants, breast fold incision and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!
Dr. Aydin was always immediately available via text for all my questions after surgery.
I have minimal bruising and swelling and after the first 72 hours, I didn't need anything at all for the pain.
From start to finish the whole process was amazing, the PA Melissa is great. She made me feel so comfortable the morning of surgery. I very much felt that everyone involved cared about my comfort and genuinely wanted me to have a positive experience (as opposed to just booking another paycheck).

TL;DR - If you're in the area, schedule a consult with Dr. Aydin, you may have to wait a few weeks, but it is completely worth it! They care about their patients, listen to what you want and work with that, everyone is beyond nice, and he does EXCELLENT work.


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Dr Aydin did my breast augmentation about two months ago. I am almost fully healed and I am absolutely obsessed with the results. I never realized how many different options of implants there were, and he guided me to get the look I wanted. They look perfect, I cannot be happier with my decision to go to Dr Aydin. Also his PA Melissa is the sweetest person I’ve met. They both made me feel so comfortable during the whole process, which was so important to me since I was always so self conscious about my small breasts. I highly recommend Dr Aydin! He always has an awesome point rewards program. I just used my dermal sweep facial reward with Heidi and it was amazing! Reading reviews were so important to me to chose the right doctor for me, so I hope this review helps other too


RealSelf Review

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