Liquid Face lift

Reduce sagging and wrinkles without surgery

Non-invasive liquid facelifts plump up your eyes, cheeks, forehead and lips

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Ideal candidates will not have any underlying medical conditions that preclude them from the procedure like persistent cold sores or a history of clotting

Liquid Face Lift

The passage of time isn’t kind to the skin on our faces. After the age of 20, the body produces one percent less collagen (the skin’s basic support system) each year, so the skin becomes less firm and taut. Elastin production drops, too, making the skin less supple. Throw in sun damage, the effects of stress, and environmental exposure and what was once a smooth, young face now is marred by wrinkles, creases, lost volume, and saggy loose skin. A facelift will correct these signs of aging, but many people are hesitant about the surgery and its recovery time. In these cases, a liquid facelift with Dr. Aydin in Paramus, NJ is a great alternative.
What is a Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift involves the use of dermal fillers and neuromodulators to provide many of the same results that can be achieved with a surgical facelift. A liquid facelift can:

  • Reduce wrinkles, creases, lines, and folds
  • Gently lift facial features
  • Restore natural, curved facial contour
  • Provide a more rested, energetic appearance
What is the Goal of a Liquid Facelift?

Every patient has different concerns that a liquid facelift will address. You’ll discuss these with Dr. Aydin during your consultation. Sometimes, results similar to a full (traditional) facelift are the goal - a lifting of the entire face. In other cases, specific facial features are focused on for lifting, contouring, or simply rejuvenating. Under eye bags and dark circles can be masked. The eyes can be opened by lifting the eyelids. Jowls can be diminished. Cheeks that have lost volume can be restored. The corners of the mouth can be lifted, and wrinkles around the lips eliminated. Basically, anything that can be remedied surgically can be remedied with a liquid facelift.

With crow’s feet, for instance, Dr. Aydin will use Botox® to reverse the superficial lines that fan out from the corners of the eyes. Botox® is a neuromodulator that stops the muscles creating the crow’s feet from contracting. However,  when those lines are deeper or more grooved, he may also utilize the fillers Juvederm® or Restylane® to fill the wrinkles.

Where cheeks have hollowed, a typical sign of aging, Sculptra® is effective in restoring volume. Because Sculptra® provides support, yet also stimulates the body to create new collagen, the results take a little longer to fully be realized, but also last two years or more.

What Products are Typically Used for Liquid Facelifts?

As dermal fillers and neuromodulators have continued to become more advanced, the capabilities of liquid facelifts have expanded. Dr. Aydin utilizes the hyaluronic acid fillers of Juvederm® and Restylane® product lines. He also uses additional fillers for filling and stimulating collagen production. For areas where wrinkles are the result of underlying muscle contractions, he uses Botox®.

What long does a Liquid Facelift last?

The duration of your liquid facelift depends on which fillers Dr. Aydin has used. Placement also plays a role in duration. Because different products have different lifecycles, touch-up procedures can be necessary to maintain your liquid facelift before the longest-lasting products are absorbed by the body.

Here are a few timelines:

  • Botox® — 3 to 6 months
  • Juvederm® — up to one year
  • Sculptra® — two years or more
  • Restylane®  — from 4 to 9 months

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Dr. Aydin and staff were very professional from beginning to end. The entire process was smooth , staff followed up after procedure to make sure everything was good. He also personally called, nothing but great things to say. If I ever needed another procedure I will definitely be seeing Dr. Aydin again. Completely happy mom here! No longer have a mom body officially feeling like a brand new women!


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Dr. Aydin is the BEST plastic surgeon around. I had a mommy makeover. Breast lift, Breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck. He kept my mind at ease during the entire process. He answered all my questions and assured me I would be fine and happy with my results. I am beyond happy with my results!!!!!! On top of him being an amazing surgeon he has great bed side manner, and his staff is beyond amazing.


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