NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Aydin Plastic Surgery be proud to be one of the first facilities in Bergen County to be providing NeoGraft® Hair Restoration. This “minimally invasive” technique provides scarless results as compared to traditional hair transplant methods. NeoGraft, is the first and only Class One FDA Listed automated medical device for hair restoration. This system harvests collects and implants individual follicular grafts using one user-friendly platform.

Treatment Technique

NeoGraft works by removing hair from a donor area in the back of your head where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone. This is known as your donor hair. The doctor will then extract each graft with the same consistency in diameter and length. This results in a dramatically increased take rate. The doctor creates recipient sites in the proper angle, direction and orientation according to the artistic hair transplant plan designed specifically for you. Finally, the follicular units are carefully separated by size. Lastly, the doctor will transplant the grafts into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. Each graft is meticulously harvested as it naturally occurs and implanted individually to ensure the best results.

The NeoGraft procedure allows you to recreate a full and natural-looking hairline using your own hair. We reduce recovery time with no linear scarring which allows you to enjoy your own hair. Naturally!

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