Post-Operative Information

Aydin Plastic Surgery offer lots of recovery tips and services to our post-op patients at our practice.

It is important to understand the inevitability of scars with plastic surgery. Every time the skin is cut through its full thickness, it will heal with a scar. As some people scar better than others, we cannot accurately predict the outcome of the scar. Also, tension after a procedure can further effect the movement or positioning of scar. Though these cannot be predicted, there are things that you can do to improve the look of your scars.
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Dr. Bill Aydin, highly recommends this treatment to his cosmetic and plastic surgery patients. After surgery, you may be feeling extra tired and sore from the procedure. A lymphatic drainage massage will help your body release and rid toxins to help speed up the healing process. A specialized massage therapist can manually manipulate your lymphatic system to relieve some of your pain, encourage blood flow, and reduce tissue inflammation post-surgery. Dr. Aydin’s team can recommend several massage therapist providers for in the New Jersey area after surgery.
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